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Yatra of Royal & Modern Cuisines of Awadh : Lucknow

Lucknow is the name can be considered as a synonymous as it contains architectural beauties for their Lakhauri bricks, the delicate scent of trinklets, itra, dancers sound, musical notes, lovability of Lucknowi dussheri mangoes, revadis, gulab jamun, malai etc and at last but not least Lucknow is very much famous for its Mehman Nawazi. There is no doubt that this city is famous for its speech refinement, manners, dresses, entertainment and cuisines. This city has another name also and called as Adab City. However, if one wants to take pleasure for the real hospitality than no doubt one can feel the true sense of hospitality here in the city of Nawabs only.

Lucknow is very famous for its Avadhi cuisines which are prepared in a traditional style. Kebabs, Biryani, chaat etc are some of the well known dishes that seek the attention of the local people as well as the tourists. If you are a foodie person, Lucknow offers ample options as per your taste. From the local street food to the popular food chains you will come across a wide range of options. Both of them are just excellent and worth trying. If you visit Lucknow you should try the popular cuisines which are perfect for your taste buds. The true Avadhi taste will be experienced in all the dishes thereby making it rich and full of Indian flavors. Foreigners really love the huge array of cuisines thus making them famous worldwide.

The food cuisines of Lucknow include 37 different types of bread, 19 types of kebabs, 37 types of halwa, 35 types of curry, 47 types of pulao and 35 types of zarda. So you can imagine the number of options that you have before you. The names itself are so interesting that everyone would like to taste these various cuisines which are really delicious.

History and cuisines of Lucknow

As we all know that Lucknow is famous of its numerous art forms. Apart from this, culinary art of the city of Nawabs also got its maximum development in the banner of royal patronage. Cooking art at the time of Lucknow Nawabs is considered to be a favorite time pass for the royal persons. The rakabdars and bawarchis of Awadh try to provide a high blending through their expertise cooking skills. This type of exercise provides them a very high degree of refinement in cooking as well as in presentation for the food they cook. These people have a great role in providing the culinary art of Lucknow on the highest realms. This practice gave a birth to cooking of dum style meaning cooking of cuisines on a very slow fire, and today this practice has become identical with the Lucknowities.

Internationally famous and incredible cuisines of Lucknow

  • Nahari: Nahari is the preparation of meat along with spicy thick gravy. It is mostly liked by the Lucknow Nawabs at the time of any special moment or festival. However, Pai ki Nahri that means the leg as well as other bones of beef are cooked and after that bone juice is mingled with a gravy which is mouth watering in taste. It is basically a preparation of beef and served with Kulchas. Now-a-days, this practice is no longer continued as instead of beef meat mutton is being used and served with Kulchas.

Where to eat?:

There is still a place in Lucknow where one can have a beef Nahari at Rahim’s Shop which is situated in old Lucknow inside the Akbari Gate and famous to produce the best beef Nahari in India. The reason is the family is in the same practice from the past more than five generations.

  • Kebabs:

International and incredible taste of Kebabs can only be found in the city of Nawabs. There are various varieties of Kebabs which are originally originated from Lucknow and providing the great taste to all over the world. The names of these Kebabs can be as follows-

  • Kakori Kebabs
  • Kebabs of Galawat
  • Shami Kebabs
  • Boti Kebabs
  • Patili-ke Kebabs
  • Ghutwa Kebabs
  • Seek Kebabs

These above mentioned list of Kebabs are famous known varieties and people are taking a great taste of these Kebabs from more than 100 years. However, “Tunde ke Kabab” which is located in old Lucknow area in the well-known market known as Chowk are in this profession of making Kebabs from the past more than 100 years. Generations and generations are working in the same profession and that is the reason why they are not only famous in Lucknow but today having their name & frame in all over the world.

  • Korma: It is a preparation of gravy in which meat can be cooked and considered to be an essential item today also in the dastarkhwan of Awadh.
  • Tunday Kebab: Though there are lots of varieties of Kebab in Lucknow but the Tunday kebab is the most popular of all. Prepared in a true Indian style with a lot of spices in it, the added flavors really enhance the taste. It is best served with rumali roti and is one of the favourite combos loved by the people. It is one of the all time famous delicacies that you should try. You will definitely love the rich flavor and the original taste of the kebab. You will never find such kebabs anywhere else.
  • Biryani: It is a yet another item which is cooked in style known as “Dum style”. This item is provided an imparted method having a great taste of Awadhi flavor for the preparation of rice known as Biryani.
  • Warqui paratha: Sheemals and warqui paratha are some other sumptuous cuisines of Lucknow and considered as a gourmet’s delight.

Custom of Lucknow Cuisine

Chewing of pan or offering of pan is considered to the very first thing at the time of arrival of the guest and this pattern continues at that time also when guest gets the departure. This famous custom was chronicled or started by lbn-e-batuta which is very much famous today also. Actually, pan leaf grows on a tree of vine and the climate is humid and hot. However, the agriculture of pan leaves is done in shades. The reason for this is that if there is appearance of sunlight directly on the leaves of pan then it can destroy the leaves of pan as well as his taste also. The serving of this pan is made along with Katha (catechu) however; lime is also used so that red colour can appear inside the mouth of the person who is eating this incredible pan. Unbelievable taste is also provided by adding cardamom, beetlenuts, clove and peppermint etc.

Recently adopted food culture in Lucknow

As the time passes away the cuisines and the living style as well as the standard of this city also increases and today the people of Lucknow also changes with time. New cuisines are added in the list of Lucknow cuisines. However, one cannot say that new cuisines are not only economical but also give a great taste for the people of Lucknow. The very first item is Khasta Kachori. This item can found on every street of Lucknow and people eat this item on daily basis. If one is visiting the Lucknow first time then one must try this item at the famous place known as “Ratti Lal Kachori”.


  • Chaat: Now if we are talking about the cuisine of Lucknow and are not talking about chaat then talking about cuisines can be left unfinished. This item contains delicious riot of flavours and spices. It is not only tasty but also very popular item in the city of Lucknow. The major item of this chaat contains peas and boiled potatoes which are mingled to provide a coat of crispy dough and can be fried to its perfection.


Place: Royal cafe lucknow is the best place in the heart of city Hazratganj market where a person can tantalize his taste buds.

  • Kulfi: Kulfi is considered yet another item in Lucknow which is considered as a queen of cuisine during the summer time. When the creamy and cold Kulfi melts in the mouth of the person then the person travels in different world of cuisines and taste. This item is available in numerous flavours such as elaichi, rose, kesar-pista, malai and many more choices are there in the market.

Place: The availability of this item is in the entire city however the best place to get this items are in the famous market place of Lucknow known as Aminabad at Prakash Kulfi. Prakash Kulfi is in the trade of this item since from a very long time and that is the reason why they can provide such as great taste.

Today, in the city of Nawabs one can have few interesting cuisines which are not only famous today but also provide hard to believe taste when one is eating. These cuisines can be as follows-

  • Kabab Paratha
  • Mutton Biryani
  • Handi Chikan
  • Gulabi Chai
  • Lucknawi Chaat
  • Kulfi Falooda
  • Lassi
  • Malai Ghewar
  • Makhan Malai

The above mentioned list can only be considered as a starting point of Lucknow cuisine however; today the city is having all sorts of restaurants and hotels such as Hotel Taj, Hotel Clark Awadh, and Hotel Park Inn etc to enjoy these delicious cuisines.


It is advice by the people who are in the field of travel and tourism that if a person is visiting this city of Nawabs for the first time then one must not avoid escaping the ancient market of Lucknow known as Aminabad where one can find some good items of cuisines which cannot be found anywhere else in this world. Person should also try to visit the old Lucknow market known as Chowk where one can find some cuisines which are ruling this city from the time of Nawabs.

In short you can say that both the vegetarian as well as the non vegetarian have a number of options open before them. Do plan your trip to Lucknow and try some of the mouth watering cuisines and the street food which is just the best. Have a great time and enjoy the popular Lucknawi cuisines!

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